April 18-19, 2018Boston, MABoston Convention and Exhibition Center

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  • Explaining TrustZone for ARMv8-M: Security for Embedded Projects

    Location:  160B
    Format: 45-Minute Technical Session
    Conference Track: Embedded Hardware, Connected Devices and the Internet of Things
    Session Type: Conference (Paid)
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    Vault Recording: TBD

    Security for embedded devices has been important: now with Internet of Things (IoT) and its increased connectivity to the outside world: security has become crucial. A breakdown of security here can be catastrophic rather than merely annoying as in the past.
    ARM has provided security for many years in Cortex-A application processor family with its proven TrustZone technology.
    ARM extended this technology in 2016 to the ubiquitous Cortex-M Microcontroller processors. This provides security to areas where it is desperately needed.
    2017 is when real silicon becomes available but firms started in 2016 developing software using FPGAs and ARM Fast Models.
    The internal workings of TrustZone ARMv8-M will be discussed from both hardware and software perspectives. ARMv8-M is memory mapped and we show you how to configure your software to use TrustZone. The concept of Secure and Non-Secure states of the CPU, how they function and how to program them will be presented. Specific C code will be used to demonstrate where TrustZone solves your security problems.
    Finally, a live debugging session will be given illustrating how a Non-Secure program branches into a Secure function legally and what happens when a rogue program attempts the same thing illegally.